Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Today! Finished two Quilts to share!

I love this plaque which says "Do one thing everyday that makes you happy!"  It makes me happy to read it and wonder what I will do!
I have two finished quilts to deliver to two loving homes and that makes me happy!

I finished adding the 3 borders to Parker's baby quilt a couple weeks ago.  Don't you just love the crispness of red, white, and blue?

I finished it up with a dark blue flannel plaid border a day or two ago.

Of course it has a "Catch of the Day" Quilt label and flannel backing for extra warmth.

And here is my Daybreak quilt (see original post with link to free pattern here) which I just added a different blue plaid binding on today!

And a quilt label to finish it off!  This one goes to my sister Lori for her birthday on Friday!

I'm so glad to post on my blog as I've been so busy working, sorting and packing things and traveling back and forth to Idaho, I haven't had much time to sew or blog-- two of my favorite things to do that make me happy!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you do at least one thing today that makes you happy!


twochicksandamom/Donna said...

Parker is going to love that quilt! Both quilts are beautiful!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I love both of these quilts so much. They look so easy and fun to make for little kiddos.
Yours look beautiful

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Well I'm reading beautiful quilting posts and knitting a sock so I think I can say definitely yes to that one! I do love the quilts too - beautiful colours and patterns :)