Friday, September 16, 2016

Kathleen Tracy's Blue and White Small Quilt Challenge

I joined a small quilt club on Yahoo groups and Facebook hosted by Kathleen Tracy.  
This small quilt is made with 4" unfinished blocks and finishes at 12 1/2"  I did a bit of hand quilting.
When I heard about the blue and Cream/White challenge...
... it appealed to me because I haven't got to do much sewing this summer and this small project was so doable!
I've been wanting to sew some log cabin blocks so pulled out some blues and creams and cut 1" strips and began to sew!

I designed a little blue bird block to go along with the log cabins.

Don't look yet... I'll be editing the following photos to present a tutorial to make the 3 1/2" finished bird blocks later.

Cut these strips:
 Draw a diagonal line on these squares and sew the right sides together as shown on the diagonal line.
 Trim off leaving 1/4" seam
 Press open and square up.

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Stacey K said...

I love this. So cute!