Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm making a sheep wall hanging for the guild raffle for April.  I made some quilt blocks and auditioning colors to see which background color to use.

Doesn't it sort of look like they're standing in the meadow?

I need to buy some little buttons for the eyes.  Or maybe embroider them?

I saw this quilt pattern and I loved it called Sew Little Time made with one quilt block and rotated back and forth.  They used a fabric line called Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater for Moda.  I loved it and pulled out some fabrics from my stash and got a few more from Joanne to mimic the one I saw on Pinterest.  It was made with cream color instead of white but the fabrics I had needed the sashing to be white.

I'm looking forward to getting this on the quilting frame!
Since I never posted LED's finished rainbow heart quilt, I took some pictures today.  Here is Sky posing with the quilt.

Here is BLR (my niece, posing with the quilt and a lovely purple petunia which came back from last summer.

BLR, LED and Sky.

Sky's got nice white teeth! 

One more outside.

This quilt was washed and now has the nice bit of crinkliness!  Don't you love the rainbow colors !

You've heard of the cat in the hat?  Here is the cat in the bag!   Ready to pounce!

The Boy Scouts had a potluck/ cake auctioin fundraiser.  I made this bunny cake with 2 round pans (you cut the ear shapes from a round and then you have the shape of the bow tie.

This rainbow heart quilt is also an I Spy quilt.  Can you spot something for today's holiday?
Update 2018:  Some instructions for making this quilt
Debra asked for some pointers and so I typed up a few instructions and figured I'd update this orignial post in case anyone else is interested.
 I really still love this quilt  My daughter uses it for her 10 month old baby son to sit on with his toys.  It's well washed and a little faded but still charming!
    Here are a few instructions:
The squares finish at 1 1/2" (so 2" unfinished).  Originally, I started with scrappy long strips of one color family and made the hearts each in one colorway with complementary color borders (like a scrappy purple heart would have a green border) but when my daughter saw the blocks, she said, I thought you were going to make the hearts multi color and so I took apart parts of the blocks and put them back together with another color block and they mostly have just 2 or 3 colors, but you can still see some strips of greens, yellows, or purples in the background of each block, which helps the hearts to stand out.
    I did sew about 3 strips together and then sliced them up so I was rarely actually sewing little 2" squares together (too time consuming).
For Each Block
1.  Gather colorful scraps and cut into 2" strips (or you could make them wider)  Divide the colors into "heart" and "background" colors. Just make sure that your background colors are different than your heart colors for each block.  You can have hearts and backgrounds in the same color, just not in the same block.  
2.  Make a 9 patch from heart colors
3.  Make two heart corners.  Two strips of 3 squres with half square triangle on two corners.  One of the half square triangles needs to be of heart color and one of background color.
4.  A background four patch in the top (one square makes the V indent of the heart)
5.  A background border 
6.  Sew all sections together
7.  Make as many blocks as you wish.  I put mine together on point.