Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots of stuff to show you! Finished some projects and started new ones and a little spring cleaning too!

Postage stamp quilt top I started last year.  Still need to add a 4 inch border and it will be a queen size.  I'm thinking prairie points or scalloped red print border.

 I finished this baby quilt last week.  Some of the fabric is from the story book classics and is quilted in a meandering style.

I was doing some cleaning and organizing (but still need to work on that some more).  But here is  a pleasant shelf display.  I love when fabrics are color coordinated and bundled and tied with a ribbon in a basket.  I will change this  as the season changes.  The "Peeps into Fairyland" is a darling pop up book my mom gave me long ago.  It is by Ernest Nestor and has darling victorian looking drawn pictures that pop up to illustrate some childrens stories.  The little Happy quilting picture was cross stitched and a gift from a friend from work.

If you look closely you can see a brown bunny!

Love pink and green rosebuds for spring!

I saw this tutorial for a zigzag table runner on the Missouri Star Quitling Company tutorials.  Check them out.  They have lots of wonderful tutorials and also a quilter's daily deal (that's where I got my Socky layer cake you'll see soon).

I made this little quilt top last year and finished it today for little Sage.  I was previously making her the polar bear print from Susan Winget but winter passed and I didn't like the pink and white pinwheels with the polar bear fabric (the white didn't go).  So I quilted this with little butterflies with free motion quilting on my domestic machine and I call it "bright color window panes".

This is the Happy Birthday table topper I started in January.  I adjusted the photo's contrast and brightness and isn't it interesting how vivid the stitching looks?

Again I adjusted the color saturation and probably made it a little too pink!

In each corner is a cupcake!

From above you can see the 9 patch in the center and the hearts and some of the stitching.

The backs are also interesting to look at and see the stitching details.

This is the back of Sage's baby quilt with the butterfly stitching.

I was also working on some bunny 9 patches but put them away to work on for next year.

Heres the Socky layer cake.  I saw a quilt made by Ivory Spring that was so cute that when I saw this on sale at Missouri Star Quilt company I just had to get it!

A few other prints in the pack.

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