Sunday, August 4, 2013

Winter house quilted bag with Windows prototype

I've never been that interested in sewing bags but after sewing the little darling bag yesterday (see previous post) other ideas started brewing.   I worked on this prototype and want to do a tutorial soon.  (I'm thinking a haunted house since October will be here before we know it!)

This turned out pretty cute but the next one I make will be a little wider.  You can see the little red house in the window reflection of the lower left window and I added the red dormer to the roof along with the red shutters to match that little red house.

I free motion quilted snowflakes on the snowy roof and on the sky parts of the bag, although the fabric does have a stylized snow flake print already.

It's lined with the scenic fabric

I have all these buttons to choose from to use as a door knob.  I'm leaning towards the heart or the yellow round button.  The yellow star is not a button so I'd have to glue it on if I used it and don't know what kind of glue would be good.   I like the tree but it's a little big and not door knobby at all (not that that really matters).


Jenna said...

It needs a squid mom. ps loose the captcha for the comments, it's annoying.

Love you!

Astrid said...

Just too cute!

JBuckister said...

Oh my gosh I hope you post a tutorial!! I love this!!!