Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sunshine 16 Midarm Demo on Purple Quilt

I pieced together this quilt top in purples and lavenders a couple months ago and added some borders today.  I'm trying out my new GoPro camera which attaches to a head band allowing a person to take videos while engaged in activities.  Here we go:
 It's short because it takes a little while to load up even this short video.  Hopefully I'll learn and be able to give some good presentations if needed in some tutorials in the future!  This is fun!


legato1958 said...

Really Cool!!
I could see you making tutorials, Sheri! What a wonderful hubby you have!!
Happy New Year!


legato1958 said...

I do get you sewing on this video for 24 seconds. I hear you, too.


Just Plain Pam said...

I would love to see more of your work with your Sunshine 16 - are you working on more?