Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hawaiian Skinny Pinny and Coin Purse Tutorial -- ALOHA!!!

I just got back from a tropical paradise!  Now it's time to sew and quilt with some island fabrics---

First off:  a Skinny Pinny and coin purse in Hawaiian print for my secret SP Sister.... could this be you?

Upon arriving home from my vacation, I had a package awaiting me from the person that I had been assigned too!

My gift-- a darling Owl Skinny Pinny and a note book.

The note book will come in handy for my sketches, plans and quilting ideas and will be a perfect place to keep them from getting scattered about.  Thanks so much Tamara!

 Well....I spotted The Fabric Mart not long after getting into the rental car and got to go in and get some island fabrics!

There were so many to choose from but my Skinny colleague loves blues, greens, and grays, so got some of those and some bright colors too.

The island blues and greens were so luscious that I fell in love with those colors too!  (We stopped here after zip lining to take in the beautiful site.)

Are you wondering what the Skinny Pinny is all about?
It's a pin cushion swap organized back in January, hosted by Amy of eamylove -you can go to her site here.  The pdf pattern from Green Bee Designs is linked here.  (I changed the pattern a bit by eliminating a long side seam so my larger piece is 6 1/8 x 4 1/4" and the side pieces are 2 3/8 x 4 1/4")

Skinny Pinny Hawaiian style!  Complete with rice filling to give it just the right weight and a couple of free motion hibiscus flowers.  It was suggested that we may want to include another little gift and/or chocolate-- as I speculated on that, I thought that maybe a coin purse would be nice?  Read on for a coin purse tutorial...

4 SMALL SCRAPS OF FABRIC 4" X 5" and (1) 7" zipper

For the coin purse start with 2 pieces for purse and 2 lining pieces, each 4 x 5" (you could use charm squares)

A 7" zipper works well because you can avoid the difficult to sew areas, around the pull and stop points.  Line up zipper, as shown, with upper side (right sides together) and sew along 1/4" mark on the zipper.
Fold sewn side back and line up the other side as shown.
Place right side of fabric to right side of zipper aligning the edges and keeping the purse sides even and again, sew along the 1/4" mark on the zipper.
Fold sewn edges back as shown.
Open the zipper about 1/2 way as shown.
I made 3 short videos to show the remainder of the sewing, but for some reason, I am unable to insert the videos.  I put them on Youtube and you can see them here if you're interested:
Start with Coin purse 1,2, 3 and then go to GOPR0011, then GOPR0012

Coin Purse with lining tacked in.

Ready to mail along with some macadamia nut chocolates!



Julie @ The Crafty Quilter said...

I love your Hawaiian skinny pinny! Thanks for showing your adjusted measurements. I just picked out the fabrics to make mine, so that will come in handy.

Flicsha said...

Loved your new fabrics my kind of prints. I love all your bright colors. You Skinny is so pretty.

legato1958 said...

Your Hawaiian skinny pinny and coin pouch are just beautiful! Love those colors! Thanks for the tutorial! You can never have too many pouches!! Glad you liked your vacation!