Saturday, June 21, 2014

Needle Book Swap

I've joined Amy at Amy Made That for a needle book swap. Here's Amy's description, in case you're like me and wasn't sure what it is all about:
 A needle book is basically just
a pretty little sewing booklet 
with pages of fabric or felt,
for keeping pins and needles safe and handy.  
Sizes:  Small is 4 3/4" x 6"  Large is 6 x 8"

I decided to stamp a picture for the front of the needle book. I used fabric markers and linen look cotton.  The stamping didn't turn out too well, so I drew in many of the details with the Micron and Sharpie pens.  The micron worked best.  I ironed it afterwards to set the ink.
This one is playful in 30ish prints.

I put in a zipper pocket and double pockets that go across the inside lining.


Inside back has a sewn section for storing a pen.

Patchwork back.

My swap partner said she loves the creations found on the blog Pretty by Hand and so I wanted to make something a little more elegant too.

I also did a stamped image for this one and added some bead flowers.

Inside side pocket.

Felt pages

Zipper pocket in the back of this one.

Patchwork back.

It was more difficult to make these than I thought it would be, but fun to add special little touches.  If I make a dozen more, I may get better at it!  For now I'm going to see which one my swap partner might like the best and send it across the ocean to Greece tomorrow!

Since I was able to finish these up, I'm linking up with Crazy mom quilts, Finish it up Friday.  Also if you want to take a look at other needle books from the swap, stop by Amy's Flickr page.


Mara said...

Both are Beautiful, but I LOVE the first one with the stamped bunny! And the inside zippers are ingenious, I haven't seen that before, really cool! I love the little cherry fabric on the inside!

legato1958 said...

These are both so gorgeous... and filled with such wonderful little surprises!! I love your stamped decorations. You are so artistic!
I think that as we put so much of ourselves into these little books, we treasure them even more as a gift ....

Amy DeCesare said...

Well done, on both of them! You are so versatile in your style - they are both awesome! That was a wonderful idea, making two and letting Mara choose. Your stamps are particularly charming, with the handmade touch-ups. These are just amazing!

Amy DeCesare said...

PLUS...I just looked again and saw that tiny zipper pocket...adorable!

Lin's Quilts said...

I love these! Very nice use of your considerable talents!