Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amazing Needle Book Reveal!

I particpated in Amy's Needle Book Swap and have been waiting and watching for a package to arrive each day.  You can imagine how excited I was, when I got home from work today and found this package!    Now that it's here, it's like being a kid on Christmas morning!!!  The anticipation made it all the sweeter!
The postage labels told me it was from a land far away.
I removed my shoes and positioned myself in a comfy place and the excitement was mounting but I didn't rush because I wanted to savor each moment.

I slowly unwrapped the parcel and found this zippered bag with a darling hexi design and zipper pull.  I immediately loved the little bag made of Essex linen and exquisite English paper pieced Liberty prints!

I took a deep breath and upon unzipping, found a myriad of other treasures awaiting me.  See the beautiful lining.

There were some charming buttons, a flag, some darling trim and to top it off a matching hexi pin cushion and needle book!!!
The hand sewn workmanship is just lovely.

Isn't the back great-- oh and you've probably guessed by now which far away land it came from.

The front cover also has a divided pocket and those little blue heart pins and the Sew Happy label are just adorable!

The felt pages are delightful and the back page even has a little ruler trim sewn on and a pocket in the back cover.

It will be so fun to pack up my little needle book, matching pin cushion and place my sewing items into my new hexi zippered travel pouch and go sew somewhere!  I will treasure all these sweet and precious items.  Thank you Raeleen!
Here's the Flickr page where you can see all the gorgeous needlebooks.

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Elaine said...

Lucky you what a lovely needle book and loot to boot!