Monday, February 16, 2015

February Free Motion Quilting Challenge

I finished up my pillow for the FMQ challenge from Quilt Shop Gal with a red polka dot binding.  The tutorial is by The Crafty Quilter.
Leah Day is February's expert.  Here is a link to her wonderful blog.
For Quilt Shop Gal's Feb. FMQ challenge, I chose option 1, which was to use Leah Day's double stipple design somewhere in our pillow.  I stitched the double stipple in the grass, the blue background, and also on the house.
I then proceeded to apply some feathers to the heart, some cross hatching on the roof, and a plain stipple in the outside borders.  You can see how it was easy to cross hatch stitch along the rows, boxing in 9 polka dots to create the even cross hatching pattern.

And even the words are FMQ'ed.  I have FMQ words into a quilting design before but they weren't so visible.

This pillow cover can also be a wall hanging.

I added the 4 inch folded in half triangles to each corner before binding so a dowel could be inserted for hanging.

Linking up with Quilt Shop Gal and Crazy Mom Quilts


Kay said...

So pretty. x

legato1958 said...

I just love this!! It is so sweet and your quilting is just perfect for it!!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Very cute! And I love the way it can be a pillow or a wallhanging. ~Jeanne

Karin said...

Beautiful little pillow

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

-very, very cute!!

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

Your quilted house looks so nice! I love how you did both ideas on the back, as it can be either a pillow or a wall hanging. So very clever!

Cut&Alter said...

This is beautiful. The FMQ words are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Really cute! I may just have to make a little house pillow/wall hanging for my home!

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