Saturday, April 25, 2015

Christmas Corner -- April 2015

Welcome to Christmas Corner!  A place to share Christmas and gift projects on the 25th of each month!  
Today's projects include some big stitch quilting, using up some scraps for a needle book, progress on my disappearing hour glass blocks, and a special treat so be sure to scroll all the way down!
One day as I was looking for ideas, I found a wonderful big stitch quilted pillow tutorial by Corey Yoder of Little Miss Shabby featured on Sew Mama Sew.  
Instead of  friendship stars, I went with a simple 25 patch block (made with 2 1/2" squares), added a 2 1/4" border and set about quilting it with this big stitch method, using some regular quilting thread.

 A friend saw my project in process and asked why I was basting, which caused a little discouragement.  When I reviewed the instructions, I realized that I need to get some pearl 8 cotton for quilting -- okay next time!
I made it so it could be a pillow with an envelope closure, but also added the triangle hangers so with a dowel inserted, it could hang up on a push pin.  

 Because I didn't use buttons, it can also be a table topper.  I think I should have added red binding for a finishing touch, but it's still pretty cute.  I don't have a pillow to show it as a pillow right now.
Having some scraps left over and recently having seen the cutest needle book made by Amy at Amy Made that, I decided to use those little scraps and make a tiny needle book.  
Wanting to do something a little unique and loving to stamp fabric, I stamped the mittens and ice skate for the center of the nine patches.  I use fabric markers and it doesn't work out so well but I just take a matching very fine Sharpie pen and fill in the details. Then you just iron it to set the ink.
As Amy did, I also used the tutorial found at Nana Company, but made my squares 1 3/4" and made a nine patch for the front and the back.  I think I'm going to add some hand quilting too.

Here's the front inside cover.  I used some of my favorite fabric with mini sled riders but when I added the pockets it sort of covered that preciousness up, so I probably should have used the sled rider fabric for the pockets also.

And here's the back inside cover

Here is the back.  At the last minute I added the "made by" and later realized I should add the year.  I think I'll make each of my daughters one of these and then I'll write, made by Mom!

Here are my disappearing hour glass blocks coming along.  
I love the tutorials at the Missouri Star Quilt Company and this is one of theirs you can find it here.
For a special treat, I asked my friend, Nancy if I could photograph and display some magical blocks she is currently making.
When I saw these blocks Nancy made, I just loved them!  It's the pink, cocoa, and berry red colors combined with darling fabric designs!  I may have to break my fabric buying fast! 
Nancy is going to add some more red rows to the bigger side.  She said the pattern is the uneven log cabin block, also from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. (couldn't find a link for it.) 
Nancy is thinking of bordering her lap quilt with roses.
When I met Nancy a few years back, she was excited to teach a quilting class.  I took the class to be supportive --not wanting a new hobby.  Little did I know what a quilting NUT enthusiast I would turn out to be!

Thanks for stopping by Christmas Corner!


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

How cute are all those projects! Makes me want to make up a few and get busy with gift sewing.

Patty said...

I think the pattern you are looking for at Missouri quilt is the Curved Log Cabin. Hope that helps.

legato1958 said...

I love all of your Christmas projects ... finished and ongoing. Your needlebook is simply ADORABLE!! You have such sweet and dear touches included in it. And,your patchwork pillow/tabletopper/wallhanging is really beautiful with it's holiday patchwork. I also love seeing the progress on your disappearing hourglass blocks. What fun to see everything this month for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful Christmas things you are making. I love the Disappearing Hourglass blocks. I haven't seen those before, and don't know how I missed that video. Thanks for sharing it! Your story of how you became a quilting ... um, whatever ... made me laugh. =)

Lara B. said...

Your photos are so beautiful Sheri! (I have the same tripod)
These Christmas projects are wonderful. Love all the adorable details you add too! Like that little twinkle light ribbon inside the needle book. The quilt with the Disappearing Hourglass blocks is going to be fabulous!
Your friend Nancy's log cabin is just gorgeous! I've never seen anyone pair the fabrics that way and I love it!