Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dala Horse and Mother's Day Cards

The Dala Horse for the Not So Last Minute Quilt Along.

Here is a photo and explanation of a Dala horse from Wikipedia.
A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse (Swedish: Dalahäst) is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in Swedish province Dalarna. In the old days the Dala horsewas mostly used as a toy for children; in modern times it has become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden in general.
 Now onto the Star of Bethlehem

I was going to buy some Mother's Day cards but then remembered that I'm sometimes asked why I didn't make them, if that's the case, so decided to hand craft them after all.

 I stamped images (filling in the lines with a sharpie or micron pen as needed) on white fabric and then colored them with fabric markers.
I pinked the edge of the fabric and then sewed it onto card stock, which I also cut a decorative edge. If interested, see envelope instructions bottom of page. 

 The envelopes are made by sealing an envelope and then cutting it in half, then you take one side (actually don't cut it in half but cut it so one side is bigger) -- then you feed the bigger half into a crimping device, which makes it a little smaller so now the other side fits over it.  You can then decorate the "lid" part with stamping and scalloping the bottom edge (or however you want).  I used two envelopes (that I made using an existing envelope as a template) so that's why I have different colors for the two parts.

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legato1958 said...

What beautiful cards you have created! I love your flower pot! Your envelope sounds so pretty, too!
Happy Mother's Day, Sheri !!