Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hazel's Happy Pinwheels!

I've been traveling back and forth to Idaho (thinking of moving there) and not finding time to blog. 
We've been having fun though!  Bought a new truck...
Here's Riley, our 11 month old black German Shepherd pup basking in the sun.  She stays nice and clean because she goes swimming in the Boise River every day.
There's a foothill a couple blocks away that we climb every night and see the beautiful view and sunset.  Riley met some dog friends and they run back and forth along the fence lines as we walk up the hill.

Brought the boat up (after some difficulty with a spring breaking on the trailer) -- here it's all washed up and ready to go fishing!

Okay, back to quilting talk...
First here's an update -- Isabella's quilt with Isabella!  I'm told she loves this quilt.
I finished sewing the pinwheels together a week ago.
Hanging on the fence in Idaho
I was careful though because this little spider was habitating on the fence!  He (or she) looks scary!

Back in California to my quilting machine and quilted in the white spaces.

Our church group usually makes quilts for the kids that graduate but we're two short and awfully late since it's time for school to start again!  I decided to finish my Pinwheel quilt for Hazel, a darling girl I've known since she was little.

She has a great smile and is often grinning so I think the quilt will be called "Hazel's Happy Pinwheels".

Lavender binding on.

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Rosemary B❤️ said...

Okay, I enjoyed the pics you shared.... cool new truck, adorb quilts... I did NOT need to see that spider though lol I hate them so much. Why, I do not know, I get the same speech from all of the spider lovers about how great they are, well, they should make them look like kittens.
You live in California now?
Yes, good thing. Move. That place is drying up and soon to fall off the continent haha
I love that truck.
Anything pinwheels and -- ducks too for that matter
is cute for quilts

Two Chicks and a Mom said...

Yes, Isabella LOVES her quilt. She is quite attached to it. I love "Hazel's Happy Pinwhees", too--so colorful:)

Gina said...

Great quilts. Riley is gorgeous by the way. Good luck with your move when it happens

Clare Lloyd said...

Loving your pin wheel quilt.

legato1958 said...

You've had a busy summer!! I love seeing your pictures.
Your Duck , Duck , Goose quilt is really cute , especially with Isabella on it!
Love the pinwheels quilt!! The quilting brings it to life! I am sure that Hazel will adore it!!

Jean C. said...

Your pinwheel quilt (and the duck,duck,goose quilt) are really cute. I'll bet Hazel loves her quilt, especially if she is going away to college! Either way, it is so bright and colorful whats not to love!
Happy to see we aren't the only ones who got a new 4 legged family member lately. Our sweet little golden retriever (no longer little) is growing so quickly. She will be a year old next month.
My friend Karma and I usually try to make quilts for some sort of Humanitarian effort but this past year has slowed us down. What with her health and all we haven't gotten together as much to sew as we usually do.
Take care... what part of Idaho are you thinking of? Did I read something about Boise? We are in Utah. Fortunately no fires as far as I know, but we sure have been getting all the bad air from the fires up in the Northwest/Idaho and California. Pray for rain I guess!
Poor people.