Saturday, March 26, 2016

We are having a house built in Idaho!

Here's a little tour.
We looked around for a few months to find just the perfect place.  We didn't plan on building, but happened upon this great lot at the end of a cul de sac.
This is a view from the bonus room above the garage which will be my sewing room.

The bonus room has a full bathroom.

The back patio

This area by the fence was all weeds and then in one day it was a very long grassy area!  There is a canal to the left.  The window on the far left is my bathroom and the 3 windows are in my bedroom.

Shower in the master bath

Master bath soaker tub area.

Crawl space access

Rounded counter in the kitchen.

Two furnaces (four car garage)

From the back again.

And the back again from a different angle

Back in September when we put a deposit to secure this lot.  Since then numerous people have wanted to buy this lot from us, which is impossible since we don't actually own the lot yet!  There is a golf course behind us on the other side of a road.  My husband says he'll be hitting golf balls over to the green!

In February, they started digging for the foundation.  You can kind of see we have a great view of snowy mountains.
We were surprised to find out that it may be complete in June!  We'll keep our house in California for a year or two in case we change our minds.  We've already met one of the other couples who are also building in the cul de sac and look forward to some new friendships.  It's a fun adventure!


Rosemary B❤️ said...

This will be a great adventure and you might like it.
Funny how they put the fence up already :-D The house looks great! I love all of that garage space.
We have a two car garage, but we have a full basement too. So, kind of a good trade off.
It looks great!

legato1958 said...

How exciting! I can tell your house is going to be beautiful!!

Donna Wirthlin said...

Your house is already that far along?! Wow, that went fast--it looks lovely:).

Garima said...