Monday, October 17, 2016

Wonderful Autumn Leaves and a Tutorial

Resplendent, inspiring, intoxicating!

Snapped this picture while on a walk today.  I'm soaking up as much as I can before the colors fade !
I started sewing my own autumn leaf collection!  See below for tutorial to make these 2 1/4" (finished) maple leaf blocks.

I was so happy to find some Fall UFO's...
....and to put out some favorite....

...fall things from the past!

My porch is ready for trick or treaters!

I made a crazy pumpkin quilt block into a Pumpkin potholder.

Miniature Maple Leaf Block Tutorial
Cut the following pieces for each block

When sewing around the 2 1/4" squares (right sides together) use a scant quarter inch seam.
Cut diagonally as shown.  Press open and square up to 1 1/4"
For the stem, sew the triangles (from the 1 5/8" squ. which was cut diagonally once) to each side of the stem piece.
Now you can assemble the pieces as shown in the picture.  Square up to 2 3/4"

Come back to visit soon and hopefully I'll have made a mini quilt to show, with 12 of these maple leaf blocks. 


maggie fellow said...

those are tiny leaves but oh so cute!

Marcy said...

So tiny and sweet! Thanks for the tut.

Nancy said...

Your tiny leaves are so adorable! Thanks for the tutorial.

Danice said...

Very nice leaves. Thank you for the pattern and tutorial. Are there going to be any more cats in the Cozy Catz Quilt Along? I could not find but 2, the heart one and the one with the holiday gift. 'Want to make some for a quilt for my sister, who loves cats.

Valerie Reynolds said...

Love all your pumpkin projects!! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives!