Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Candle Mat Gifts with Tutorial

I been sewing these quick coasters that make perfect candle mats.

A Sea of Candles and Candle Mats
Packing up each one into a cellophane bag and adding a few kisses creates...
A Sweet little gift!

Candle Mat Tutorial
1.  Cut out 5 squares 1/2" larger than the desired finished size.  (Mine are 4 3/4")
                             2.  Fold 4 of them diagonally and press.    

 3.  Place triangles in the configuration above
4.  Use a Glue stick to secure the configuration (works much better than pinning)
5.  (Optional) Sew on a label on the 5th side (create with freezer paper method)

6.  Sew the 5th square to the triangle sections, right sides together all around the perimeter.
7.  Clip the corners and then turn right side out and press.

Original Coaster tutorial here.
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Alenushka22222 said...

Super! It would be pleasantly me to get such gift! )))

Kate said...

Clever idea!!

Gina said...

Lovely gift idea xx

KaHolly said...

Really, REALLY good idea!

KaHolly said...

Just checking in! Hope your holidays were great! Happy New Year! XO