Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hour Glass Trellis Quilt Top

Just finished flimsy waterfall backdrop.
What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday there was a snowstorm and today it's sunny and nice.

The parent squares are 12 1/2" sewn diagonally and cut to get 2 HSTs.  Then iron open hst.  Place two different HSTs rst and again sew and cut on the diagonal to get an 11 1/2" unfinished hour glass blocks.  Sashing is 2" strips.

Here's yesterday's snowstorm.

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Ray and Jeanne said...

Love your flimsy! It just looks like Spring even with the snow.😊 I'm not sure where you live but it looks like the foothills. When we lived in Colorado, the snow falling and then quickly disappearing always fascinated me. Happy Easter! ~Jeanne

KaHolly said...

Very bright and cheery! Hey, bet I could make hourglass blocks! You make them sound pretty easy! Hope you enjoyed your day! XO

Rosemary B❤️ said...

This is a very sweet quilt!
Happy Easter

Dar said...

Definitely looks like a Sp[ring quilt. Very pretty.