Friday, April 13, 2018

Stars in Squares Baby Quilt for Oakli

Baby quilt made for my friends new granddaughter.  It's hard to see but the center squares are sweet pictures.
Oakli Alma
Just finished quilting

Cutting instructions for each block
For the center star block Cut:
(1)  5" square for the center
(1) 5 3/4" square for the background of the flying geese
(4) 3 1/4" squares for the geese
(4) 2 3/4" squares for background corners

For the inner set of corner square triangles Cut:
(1) 10 1/2" square and cut diagonally twice

For the outer set of corner square triangles Cut:
(1) 14 1/4" square and cut diagonally twice
1.  Sew the flying geese using the no waste method and then construct a Sawtooth Star.  For step by step instructions, this tutorial by Diary of a Quilter here shows the no waste method for flying geese and also making the Saw Tooth Star.  Square up block to be 9 1/2"
2.  Sew the inner Corner Square triangles to each side of the star block.  Square up to 13 1/4"
3.  Sew the outer Corner Square triangles on each side and square up the block to be  18 1/2"

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grammajudyb said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I like how this one turned sweet!