Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Two August projects: Forest Animals Baby Quilt and Wedding Veil

My niece had a baby shower on September 1st and requested a forest animal quilt.  Of course I was happy to do it!
I found a cute panel with the animal blocks and since there were 4 (actually 8, but each had a duplicate) I thought a 9 patch would be the way to go.  I was in a rush (as usual) and my mind was whirring and thinking what to create??  While it's horrible to have the pressure of a deadline, it seems I need that pressure to stimulate my creativity!

You can barely see the panel above and this is coordinating fabric, which I didn't end up using so still need to make an accessory with it.

When I went into the quilt store (Quilt Expressions, Boise, ID) I asked for ideas and the clerk gave me this pattern called The 5 minute quilt block (or something like that).  It really would've been a pretty quick quilt had I used that coordinating fabric for these blocks but instead wanted to make some forest blocks, each with their own forest animal.  Here is an owl.

I made a block with the lighter color blue sky but it really needed a dark sky to contrast with the moon, so I remade it with a dark sky, even though it sort of doesn't match the other blocks.

Here we have a braying deer behind a pine tree and a frolicking bunny.

I love the little fox cubs in the den.  And you can see I made the trees with the upside down flying geese, like the ones in the coordinating fabric.

And a bear over on the mountain.  
The blocks all sewn together.

And all quilted.  you can't really tell but I quilted a pine tree, moose, deer, bear pantograph that looks pretty neat.

Here you can see some details of the pantograph.

All complete laying by the pool at my niece's in laws lovely home, where they had the shower.  My niece said her husband loved this gift best of all!

My coworker, Jen had been preparing for her wedding for a year.  A couple months before the day, I asked about her dress and veil.  She said she wasn't going to have a veil because they were expensive and she couldn't find one she liked anyway.
  I told her I could make one for her.  She picked a very simple style, just a big circle of tulle and I sewed a trim along the bottom to finish it off.  She looks beautiful!

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