Sunday, October 21, 2018

Pretty in Pink baby Quilt and Star Instructions

My granddaughter's hour glass block quilt with pink borders and stars in the corners.

Quilted with Stars and swirls

Twenty-five hour glass blocks set on point

4 1/2" (finished) Audrey Star Instructions


(2) 2 7/8" white (for the star legs) (cut twice diagonally as shown)
(1) 2 7/8" pink for the background (cut twice diagonally as shown)
(note you could cut a 2" square diagonally once)
(4) 2" pink corner squares
(1) 2 1/2" white middle square

1.  Sew triangles to two sides of square as shown to create star leg units.  Make 4.
2.  Sew two star leg units to the 2 1/2" center square as shown.
3.  Sew pink triangles to to each side of two star leg units.
4.  sew the 3 units together and square up to 5 inches (will be 4 1/2" after sewn into project).

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