This is a gallery of art projects, using all sorts of mediums.

This was for a friend for Christmas.  Painted using acrylics.

I did this painting of a hunter whose just killed an elk back when I was about 20 years old (1979).  It was a gift to my dad since he loved to hunt.  I think I used water color and or acrylic paint.  I copied it from a painting by Charles Russell.  Bad glare--I need to rephotograph this when I get a chance.

I did this large mural in pastels for a Church party (theme medieval times) 2012

When my youngest was about 10, we decided to paint life size animals around the walls of her bedroom.  One of my daughters painted the lion.  They are now gone under a layer of primer and purple paint now so I'm glad I got some photos!

Some Christmas cards for 2013

Fentons Painting (companion gift for twins Bailey and Abigail) 2013

My button for the quilts in the Pumpkin Patch Blog Hop September 2013.  I also created a tutorial for making the button (see tutorial page for link)

UP painting gifted to Bailey and Abigail 2012.
Labels for Cookie Mix and Banana Bread Mix in a Jar (I should add that to the tutorial page)

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