Friday, September 16, 2016

Kathleen Tracy's Blue and White Small Quilt Challenge

I joined a small quilt club on Yahoo groups and Facebook hosted by Kathleen Tracy.  
This small quilt is made with 4" unfinished blocks and finishes at 12 1/2"  I did a bit of hand quilting.
When I heard about the blue and Cream/White challenge...
... it appealed to me because I haven't got to do much sewing this summer and this small project was so doable!
I've been wanting to sew some log cabin blocks so pulled out some blues and creams and cut 1" strips and began to sew!

I designed a little blue bird block to go along with the log cabins.

Don't look yet... I'll be editing the following photos to present a tutorial to make the 3 1/2" finished bird blocks later.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Today! Finished two Quilts to share!

I love this plaque which says "Do one thing everyday that makes you happy!"  It makes me happy to read it and wonder what I will do!
I have two finished quilts to deliver to two loving homes and that makes me happy!

I finished adding the 3 borders to Parker's baby quilt a couple weeks ago.  Don't you just love the crispness of red, white, and blue?

I finished it up with a dark blue flannel plaid border a day or two ago.

Of course it has a "Catch of the Day" Quilt label and flannel backing for extra warmth.

And here is my Daybreak quilt (see original post with link to free pattern here) which I just added a different blue plaid binding on today!

And a quilt label to finish it off!  This one goes to my sister Lori for her birthday on Friday!

I'm so glad to post on my blog as I've been so busy working, sorting and packing things and traveling back and forth to Idaho, I haven't had much time to sew or blog-- two of my favorite things to do that make me happy!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you do at least one thing today that makes you happy!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

I have two finishes to show today.  The first fits right in because today is the 4th of July and this quilt is Americana through and through!
This quilt is called From Sea to Shining Sea.  (Kitty cat in the background kept sneaking into the picture even though I moved her a couple times LOL)

Booms and pops abounded as I sewed on the Red Sparkling Star binding.  Finished quilt measures about 65 x 65"

Quilted with wavy lines which is when the anthems going through my mind made me think of the name, From Sea to Shining Sea.

And a quilt is not complete without a label.  I love using the freezer paper method to print a custom label on fabric.

And here is the Pink Pinwheel Quilt.
Made for Samantha, a graduating senior.

Finished size is about 65 x 78"

Quilted with  double loop FMQ

Backed with pink bubble flannel for extra warmth.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Red, White, and Blue Gifts

My best friend's birthday is in a few days and I almost have her gift ready.
As I quilted the wavy pattern back and forth, I thought of the ocean and then patriotic lyrics and tunes started going through my mind and I thought "From Sea to Shining Sea" might be a good name for the quilt.  It still needs binding.  Did you notice that the inside stars are also double pinwheels and then I added flying geese to make Big stars?  So each block is a double pinwheel, double star block.

I'm also making a quilt for her new grandson.  
His dad and grandpa are fishermen in Alaska and I had a Charm pack called "Catch of the Day" and made up this pattern with some stars and a few 9 patches.  I'm going to add some big borders so  it'll be nice sized.

The thing that's holding me up is packing to move to my new house. 
After 33 years I have way too much stuff!  Here's my new kitchen!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Americana in the Works

Scrappy Stars and Chains Americana Quilt top
It was originally going to be donated for an auction but since I couldn't get it completed on time, I donated many wall hangings and table toppers and much money was still raised.
 Here are the patriotic phrases all embroidered.

Here's a 13" mini topper.

I have taken pictures for a tutorial for the flying geese and the mini stars soon.
I saw a bunch of the cutest red, white, and blue mini quilts on Kathleen Tracy's blog here, in case you want to check them out.  You'll see the one I got the idea from but mines a little different.