Monday, August 24, 2015

Christmas Corner August 2015

Welcome to Christmas Corner:  A place to share Christmas projects and gifts throughout the year.

For this month I have a tale to tell.
The Christmas Eve Miracle
Sasha (snowy white) and Caroline (cobalt blue) were two of Santa's special, beloved Christmas Chickens.  They were the best of all the egg layers and were hailed by all the toy builders for their delicious and nutritious eggs, as well as their wonderful personalities! One Christmas Eve, a snow storm hit while Sasha and Caroline had been out stretching their legs in the free range.  The blinding snow prevented them from finding their way back to the coop!  Great devastation and worry plagued all of the North Pole inhabitants!  But a miracle occurred, as miracles do on Christmas Eve, and the Coop Keeper realized that Caroline's cobalt feathers could be seen through the blinding white snowflakes.  With a rope tied to his waist, he made his way to Caroline and Sasha just as the dark night approached and he could no longer see Caroline.  But never fear, it was then that Sasha's bright white feathers shone by the light of the full moon and the Coop Keeper did indeed find the beloved pair.  He guided them all back to safety and all of the North Pole's population rejoiced and said a prayer of thanks!  Santa was able to begin with joy in his heart as once again he succeeded in his yearly night's journey!

In memory of this Christmas miracle, I have fashioned two Christmas Chicken Potholders, one in the likeness of Caroline and one of Sasha!  I found the easy to follow block tutorial by Vicki here at Sew Inspired.

Thanks again for stopping by Christmas Corner!  Hope you're finding a bit of time to fashion something Christmas-y!

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hazel's Happy Pinwheels!

I've been traveling back and forth to Idaho (thinking of moving there) and not finding time to blog. 
We've been having fun though!  Bought a new truck...
Here's Riley, our 11 month old black German Shepherd pup basking in the sun.  She stays nice and clean because she goes swimming in the Boise River every day.
There's a foothill a couple blocks away that we climb every night and see the beautiful view and sunset.  Riley met some dog friends and they run back and forth along the fence lines as we walk up the hill.

Brought the boat up (after some difficulty with a spring breaking on the trailer) -- here it's all washed up and ready to go fishing!

Okay, back to quilting talk...
First here's an update -- Isabella's quilt with Isabella!  I'm told she loves this quilt.
I finished sewing the pinwheels together a week ago.
Hanging on the fence in Idaho
I was careful though because this little spider was habitating on the fence!  He (or she) looks scary!

Back in California to my quilting machine and quilted in the white spaces.

Our church group usually makes quilts for the kids that graduate but we're two short and awfully late since it's time for school to start again!  I decided to finish my Pinwheel quilt for Hazel, a darling girl I've known since she was little.

She has a great smile and is often grinning so I think the quilt will be called "Hazel's Happy Pinwheels".

Lavender binding on.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas in July -- Christmas Corner 2015

Welcome to Christmas Corner:  A place to share Christmas Sewing on the 25th of each month.

 Here are the Little Joys Blocks I've been sewing, a free Quilt Along from the Jolly Jabber blog. 
You can find all the block tutorials here.  Actually this is not the Little Joys wreath block.  See more info. in the next caption.
A closer look at the blocks:
1."Trim the Tree" block
2.  The present block is called the "Season of Giving" block.  
3.  The wreath (from a quilt along in 2011-- also from the Jolly Jabber) is called Holiday Homecoming and here's the link.
Because the wreath block pattern is for a 10" instead of 10 1/2" I adjusted the cutting instructions so the block would go with the others, and took a picture to share and for future reference.

My other Christmas Quilt Along is the Not So Last Minute Christmas Quilt Along (NSLMCQA).

 Here is the Angel block.  The NSLMQA is hosted A Quilting Chick, but I'm not sure anyone is still participating since I haven't seen any activity lately.  But maybe with Christmas in July kicking off some holiday sewing, it'll catch on again.

  I altered my angel by making her hair and gown longer and adding a halo.  She'll get an embroider face later, I think.
Here are the rest of my NSLMQA blocks:

And here are the cutest decorated gifts bags for presenting treasured gifts embellished with some fabric and wonder under!

My friend Donna has a tutorial over at her blog, Two Chicks and a Mom.  Here's the link to the tutorial.
Isn't it clever that she ironed on fabric, added buttons, and some little marking pen accents?
I'm going to make some of these soon!

Thanks for stopping by Christmas Corner!
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pinwheel blocks complete and a Finish

Senior Quilt and 42 pinwheel blocks.

This is a completed lap quilt made for a graduating boy from our congregation.  We used to just make them for the graduating girls as a welcome to the women's society, but someone thought that wasn't right, so for the last few years they've also been made for the boys.
I can only take credit for the quilting of it.  The construction of the blocks was done by another lady and she also sewed the flimsy together with the batting and backing, right sides together and then turned it right side out and stitched around the perimeter before I even did the quilting.  It is soft and comfortable feeling and I hope will be enjoyed!  
The completed size is about 50 x 70".  It looks liked the navy blocks are framed by the homespun plaids, but actually if you take a closer look, the navy blocks are alternated with plaid rail fence blocks.  It really is a simple but attractive pattern.

These Pinwheel Blocks make me feel so happy!
Pinwheel Block Instructions:  Each block begins with 2 ten inch squares (so layer cake friendly) and ends up with a 12 1/2" unfinished pinwheel block.  You sew around the perimeter of the two 10" squares (right sides together) and then slice diagonally each direction to yield four 6 1/2" HSTs-- square up and then sew into the pinwheel formation.

 I'm off to volunteer for a program called Operation Access, which provides surgeries at no cost to uninsured or underinsured people so they can have the health care they need.  I'm happy to be part of such a program and am so thankful for the generosity our American society who help out so unfailingly!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Bob the Blue Macaw

The June Zoo Animal Quilt Along features a Blue Macaw (I'm running just a little behind as usual).
I have a love/hate thing for paper piecing.  Well hate is a bit too strong a word, --I guess it's more like anxiety while working on the paper pieced blocks, but when I get them finished I feel exhilarated!
 Speaking of Blue Macaws...
I just found my camera from when we went to Hawaii last year and got to relive our vacation a bit while seeing the photos for the first time.  I found one of Bob and figured he should be a guest on the blog.

And here's the growing menagerie!
You can still download the last 3 animals for July, August, and September (Koala bear, Monkey, and Lion) from Kristy's blog Quiet Play for free (and the others are just $3.00)
Zoo BoM
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Red, White, and Blue and Star Trek

I finished up a little red, white, and blue table runner tonight since tomorrow is July 1st.
This simple design is from a Scrappy nine patch pattern by Sherri at a Quilting Life --(you can find the tutorial here).

 July 1st is also my coworker's birthday.  He builds model ships, organizes the yearly Christmas party and makes beautiful cross stitched gifts (among other things.)
I thought I'd make a Needle Book for him for his birthday.  He loves Star Trek and as I was wondering about buying a piece of Star Trek fabric...

 I remembered the freezer paper method of printing from your printer onto fabric.  
So I made my own Star Trek fabric!  I printed out the words Star Trek, Captain Nimoy for the front...
Live Long and Prosper and a drawing of the USS Enterprise (for the inside back cover pocket)...
  And this Star fleet Command for the back.  I can't wait to give it to Dave!

If you want to try out printing on fabric you can find many tutorials online and it's so easy you just cut out some fabric and iron it onto the shiny side of the freezer paper and then it feeds into your printer and prints whatever you want and then you just peel the freezer paper away!  I got my freezer paper at Walmart in the paper napkins, baggies, paper plates, etc. isle.
For inside the front cover -- a birthday cake drawn with micron and sharpie markers and embellished with some Star Trek insignia.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Christmas Corner June 2015

Merry Christmas Corner!  A Place to share ideas and work on Christmas Projects throughout the year!
I got a few things accomplished this month.  Have you started thinking about Christmas sewing yet?  Seven months to go.

Cathy of A Quilting Chick has been hosting this encore quilt along with permission from the original designer and blogger, JULIANNA GASIOROWSKA
of  Sewing under Rainbow  who held the Last Minute Quilt Along last year.  A paper pieced angel is due for June.  Note:  If you visit her blog, you'll see the words are in Polish, but she provides an English translation below each paragraph.  It's fun and free!

Also on Julianna's blog, I found a button for another free Christmas Quilt Along starting on July 8th with just 3 blocks (made 3 times) and it's so cute I'm planning on joining in so stop back on July 25th to see my version!

Here's the button and sample:
Here's the link to the Fat Quarter Shop with more details.
Back to my work....
I started this 9 patch star quilt back in January.  This month I completed 14 blocks for two sides of this quilt.  The blocks (other than some of the border blocks) are 9 1/2" unfinished.  I love that it is scrappy and that each finished star is 18" so it goes together pretty quickly!

As hinted at last month, I've completed a tutorial for this deer block.  It can become a wallhanging, pillow, or part of a woodland animal quilt.  I debated whether to make a red Christmasy background and maybe a red nose, but in the end went with a black nose and the blue snow flake background
I would love to have some pattern testers.  Please contact me for questions or if you find errors in the instructions.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Read on for the tutorial!