Saturday, November 10, 2018

Princess Baby Quilt

My coworker's baby girl is due next month.  She requested pink with purple.  I pulled together pinks and lavenders.  One of the fabrics has a princess theme with princesses, castles and even little green frogs!
I arranged all the charm squares into rows on point.  (Cutting instructions at the end).  The border is charm squares sewn together and then cut in half, which creates four borders out of two strips.
After sewing the long border strip on all sides, I took this little glass bowl and drew a line to make my scallops.
Before Quilting
I placed the right sides of the front and back together and then placed the batting on the back of the front and sewed 1/4" seam around each scallop and then turned right sides out.  I thought I was going to save a lot of time because no binding to apply, but it turned out that sewing around each curve wasn't that easy and there were a few spots that I needed to resew because when I turned it right sides out, there were small holes.  Not sure if I would use this method again.

Having placed right sides together and sewing around the scallops and then turning it out through the seam on the back, which I'd sewn partially with large stitches, I was worried the fabric would end up bunching up and it did, but just a tiny bit.

Here are some cutting instructions.
Cutting instructions:
Corner square triangles:  5 7/8" square cut diagonally twice
Setting triangles:  7 5/8" squares cut diagonally twice
Patchwork:  5" squares

Borders:  5" squares sewn together and then cut in half lengthwise to create two borders.  Make two.  Cut the edge with scallop design if desired.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Mary Engelbreit Quilt

Another Retirement Quilt for someone who loves Mary!
You may be able to guess, it was a Costume Retirement Party

Every Quilt needs a label

Made with Mary Engelbreit fabrics.  Six inch squares with 2 inch sashing and cornerstones (unfinished measurements).  The plan was to quilt this on my Sunshine 16 but I could do nothing to get the tension right!  

I only had that night and the next day to complete it and every time I sewed 4 or 5 inches of free motion stitching, I had to pick it out.  You can imagine my frustration.  I fiddled with the tension endlessly!  As a last resort, I took apart the tension control and with irritation was pulling on the little wire thing and it sprang.  What did I do!   I had no hope of completing it on time for the party.  I would have to take the quilt to Idaho, where I have another quilting machine, and it would just have to be late.

 The situation was hopeless and I went to bed.  That night as I said my prayers, I included prayers for my machine and the tension control.  The next morning I got up and prayed some more and started puttering with the machine again, without much hope.  Lo and behold, it began to sew wonderfully and miraculously, the thread didn't break!

The stitching was so fine on front AND back!  I gave great thanks!

Darling Princess coworkers, Snow White, Cinderella, Moana, Pocahontus, Belle, and Jasmine.

Pretty in Pink baby Quilt and Star Instructions

My granddaughter's hour glass block quilt with pink borders and stars in the corners.

Quilted with Stars and swirls

Twenty-five hour glass blocks set on point

4 1/2" (finished) Audrey Star Instructions


(2) 2 7/8" white (for the star legs) (cut twice diagonally as shown)
(1) 2 7/8" pink for the background (cut twice diagonally as shown)
(note you could cut a 2" square diagonally once)
(4) 2" pink corner squares
(1) 2 1/2" white middle square

1.  Sew triangles to two sides of square as shown to create star leg units.  Make 4.
2.  Sew two star leg units to the 2 1/2" center square as shown.
3.  Sew pink triangles to to each side of two star leg units.
4.  sew the 3 units together and square up to 5 inches (will be 4 1/2" after sewn into project).

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Two August projects: Forest Animals Baby Quilt and Wedding Veil

My niece had a baby shower on September 1st and requested a forest animal quilt.  Of course I was happy to do it!
I found a cute panel with the animal blocks and since there were 4 (actually 8, but each had a duplicate) I thought a 9 patch would be the way to go.  I was in a rush (as usual) and my mind was whirring and thinking what to create??  While it's horrible to have the pressure of a deadline, it seems I need that pressure to stimulate my creativity!

You can barely see the panel above and this is coordinating fabric, which I didn't end up using so still need to make an accessory with it.

When I went into the quilt store (Quilt Expressions, Boise, ID) I asked for ideas and the clerk gave me this pattern called The 5 minute quilt block (or something like that).  It really would've been a pretty quick quilt had I used that coordinating fabric for these blocks but instead wanted to make some forest blocks, each with their own forest animal.  Here is an owl.

I made a block with the lighter color blue sky but it really needed a dark sky to contrast with the moon, so I remade it with a dark sky, even though it sort of doesn't match the other blocks.

Here we have a braying deer behind a pine tree and a frolicking bunny.

I love the little fox cubs in the den.  And you can see I made the trees with the upside down flying geese, like the ones in the coordinating fabric.

And a bear over on the mountain.  
The blocks all sewn together.

And all quilted.  you can't really tell but I quilted a pine tree, moose, deer, bear pantograph that looks pretty neat.

Here you can see some details of the pantograph.

All complete laying by the pool at my niece's in laws lovely home, where they had the shower.  My niece said her husband loved this gift best of all!

My coworker, Jen had been preparing for her wedding for a year.  A couple months before the day, I asked about her dress and veil.  She said she wasn't going to have a veil because they were expensive and she couldn't find one she liked anyway.
  I told her I could make one for her.  She picked a very simple style, just a big circle of tulle and I sewed a trim along the bottom to finish it off.  She looks beautiful!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Birthday Gift Needle Book

We joined some neighbors last night to celebrate a birthday.
Needlebook filled with snips, needles, pins, and some cute sewing charms.

It's so pleasant to get together and enjoy some cake and conversation!
This beautiful cake was made by another very talented neighbor.  Aren't those rosettes gorgeous!
I met the birthday girl a couple years ago before either of us moved into our neighborhood and we were both delighted to discover our common interest in sewing.  She has since taken up quilting (and sometimes jokingly blames me) and it's so fun to stop by to see each other's projects.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Happy 5th of July! Update: Toppers Completed

The tag was added to the front with personal details and washing instructions on the back.

These patriotic items have been in the works since May.
The firework fabric almost sparkles like real fireworks
This block is from a Spectacular Star Table Runner free tutorial from Lindsey Weight at The Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog.  She truly has so many beautiful and wonderful tutorials that I plan to make someday!
I was going to make the Spectacular Star Table Runner but then decided to add triangle borders and make multiple table toppers or wall hangings to share.
Pattern revision notes for future reference.
Make all the units as shown below and lay out into this configuration and sew together.  The center of the star is a 3 1/2" square.  

To make the corner units:  First make (8) Half Square Triangles (hst's).  Place the red and white 2 1/2" squares right sides together.  Sew around the perimeter and then cut diagonally twice.  Press open and square up to 2".  Sew the bow tie block by sewing the HSTs with the 2" squares as shown.  Square up to 3 1/2".  Then sew the borders on as shown above in previous photo.

Make 4 flying geese.  Cut (1) 4 1/4" square and Cut (4) 2 1/2" squares.  Draw a diagonal line on each 2 1/2" square.  Use the flying geese no waste method here.

Make 4 of these units.  Cut (4) 2 5/8" centers and to create a square in a square, Cut (4) of the two colors 2 1/2" squares and then cut in half diagonally.  Sew triangles to each side of white square as shown. Square up the unit to be 3 1/2"

After sewing all the units together, square up the unfinished block to 12 1/2"

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Teddy's Coca Cola Attire

My friend got Teddy, a labradoodle or is it a golden doodle?? for her birthday.  We've exchanged gifts for years and sometimes like to make homemade gifts for each other and so I looked for some tutorials to make accessories for Teddy.
Image may contain: dog and outdoor
Teddy looks very cool sitting there in the shade with his scarf and leash!

Here are the links to the tutorials I used: leash from She Can Sew  And a scarf from Gleeful Things. 
The leash is charm square friendly and I used a strip from and old pair of jeans for the interfacing which gave it just the right amount of thickness and body.  I got the swivel toggle hook from Home Depot for around $3

Linking up with Two Chicks and a Mom's Funtastic Friday; Confessions of a Fabric Addict's Whoop, Whoop Friday; and Sew Fresh Quilts, Lets Bee Social