Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Molly's quilt

My friend's mom who was a sewer, died.  My friend inherited some odds and ends of things including a puppy named Molly and several little ironing boards in different sizes and shapes.  I was lucky to receive the small ironing boards.  I wondered what I could do for my friend and decided to make Molly a quilt.

Quilt for Molly
I ordered some 10 inch squares of a collection of fabrics called "Parlour Pets" because it was cute and Molly preferred pink and purple.
 It needed some special free motion quilting and luckily I took the class last year and love to make swirls and echos of the swirls.  This time I tried words like Molly, woof, ruff, bow wow, and even added pictures of balloons, sleepy moon faces, and hearts.
 My friend spoke with such love for this little puppy (Molly) who assuaged her grief  and it touched my heart.
quilt label
At my quilt guild meeting they said that quilts have a lot of history and meaning but often the years go by and no one know when or where the quilt originates and therefore every quilt should have a label.  

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