Monday, July 16, 2012

Learning mid arm quilting plus some older projects

Back in June practicing on my Sunshine 16

Lots of practicing back in June

Taylor's quilt -- with church sisters help, I pieced this and the following two quilts together and another sister did the machine quilting.

Debbie's quilt-- graduation gift and welcome into Relief Society


I made this 4th of July table runner last year before I even learned free motion quilting.  It was very hard to try and swirl and manuever without the free motion technique.

First attempt at midarm quilting on a real quilt.  I pieced together some halloween prints, loaded it up and began.  At first I was moving the machine too fast for the speed I set the machine for and ended up with loops on the back.  I was able to get more control and the tension on the back turned out pretty good from the second row on.

Close up

I tried to show the loops on the back but the picture is sort of blurry and hard to see.

I'll probably finish the border with free motion quilting and then put the binding on.  I'm anxious to do another quilt and hopefully continue to improve my technique with each quilt.

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Madame Purl said...

Looks great. Now that you've had the Sunshine for a while, what do you think? I'm thinking of taking the plunge. I forgot to look at what size bobbin it comes with. Does it have a M bobbin?