Saturday, October 20, 2012

Olivia's and Muriel's Quilts

This is a quilt for a baby named Olivia.  They are decorating her room in brown and pink and in the little character, Olivia the pig.  I remembered I'd purchased some Olivia the Pig fabric and so bought some fabric markers to paint in the black and white drawings of Olivia the pig.  It was fun sewing pink and brown!

This shows the detail on the border.  I wanted to put cute buttons, but worried it would be a chocking hazaard.

I also bought little dolls for baby Olivia's cousins, ages 1 and 5 and made them little doll quilts.

border detail

For the 1 year old's doll.

Muriels wall hanging all completed.

Hanging above her fireplace.
Showing the fabric painting.  I bought the fabric paint at Michaels.

Showing the detail on Muriel's wall hanging.

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