Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall leaf quilt -- tesselating leaves finally complete and ready to be slept under tonight!

the middle portion was quilted on the sunshine 16 but I had quite a bit of trouble.  I had to do all the sides, about a foot from the edge on my small machine with free motion quilting.  It has lots of flaws but I still love it and am so glad it's done!

I want to make some pillow cases in some of the matching fabrics with cordinating flanges.  Hope it doesn't take another year!

One of the reasons I let my daughter get a cat was so I could have quilt pictures with a pet lying strategically!  Hah!

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Passionately Provident said...

There must be something about crafty people and cats? My cat loves spending time with me while crafting, and she shows up in quite a few of my pictures.