Friday, January 17, 2014

Bad Tea Bag Fabric Dying

My daughter has this little dress that has a cotton bottom and knit tank top and she wants to redo it by removing the knit top portion and adding a peasant blouse bodice.
She carefully picked out the seams.

She wanted to find something in my stash to work with.  I had lots of odds and ends that coordinated but all too small.  This one had potential but I told her we should use a tea bag to tone it down.

I boiled water and added the tea bag.  You can probably already see something is wrong.

Should have had more water in the pot.

I was in a rush and not thinking right I guess, and I threw the fabric into the pot and didn't remove the tea bag!

I put the pot on low and ran an errand.

Can you see that parts of the fabric got darker and some stayed lighter?
I got out a dark pink fabric marker and colored in some of the flowers which have no color.  I think it still may work out.  I'll see if my daughter thinks so.

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Astrid said...

Sorry about your little 'accident', but I'm sure it will work out. It looks fine to me and such a great idea to put some extra color on those flowers.