Saturday, March 22, 2014

Joining the Triangle Quilt Along

Go by Paula's blog if you want to find out more and browse around.
I might use a variety of bright fabrics.  But since I can't cut yet, I'll think about it a little more and see what everyone else is doing.

Here's the coloring sheet to help us visualize our quilts.  I'm so excited but Paula hasn't posted any cutting directions yet!  It's going to be hard to wait until next Friday!  Now I know why people go rogue!

I can hardly wait to get started!!!


Astrid said...

This looks like lots of fun. Not sure I have the time to join... Too many other things going on right now.

Scrapatches said...

Very lovely colorful fabrics. I like the dark blues you are including for some sharp contrast. I am still deciding if I need to add some darker fabrics to my own choices. I love playing with the fabric when I am deciding on what to cut for a new quilt. Looking forward to seeing your quilt in progress ... :) Pat

legato1958 said...

These fabrics look bright and fun. Whatever you decide, it will be vibrant and pretty!


Richard Healey said...

Nice fabric choice.

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