Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A New Look for my Blog

I love to visit Susie of Susie's Sunroom and see the many useful and attractive projects she sews.  Lately I've noticed she has changed the pictures in her blog header a few times and I was curious how she does it.  Luckily she gave me some tips.  
Susie's Sunroom
I love the way everything is color coordinated in spring colors!

So my blog has a new look!  I look forward to more sewing, improving my skills at photography, editing, and making picture collages so I can update my blog's appearance for seasons and holidays!

1 comment:

legato1958 said...

I love your new header!! Your photos and colors are gorgeous for spring!
Did I miss a blog post for your adorable sheep quilt?? Adore it!!
And did you take the sheep in the meadow picture?
This is a fresh breath of spring!